CMIV is a fashion projection platform, which creates the perfect scenario to link the great European brands and the new geniuses of Latin American and Caribbean fashion.

CMIV is more than just a fashion show, it is a celebration of diversity, the feelings of the people and the genius of our designers expressed through haute couture, where manual, artisanal and creative work is the main attraction.

The meeting of two continents in Venice.

From 9 to 11 June 2023


Antonia Jean

Created by Mrs. Antonia Jean, a Dominican based in Venice.

For more than a decade she has been dedicated to the organisation of fashion and beauty events, a task she has undertaken with much love and great desire to help Latin art talents to project their work at an international level.

CMIV is the product of her experience through years of work. This is not just a fashion show, it is a perfect platform to bring together two worlds that are far away but close at the same time.

In this event Mrs. Jean has created an atmosphere different from the classic Fashion Week, rather she has elaborated it to be a celebration of diversity, the feeling of the people and the genius of Latin American designers.

Together with Mr. Maurizio Branchicella Ceo and president of the Branchicella law firm who has believed in this project since its first edition, she is teaming up with Mrs. Jean to offer an event full of luxury and sophistication in June 2023.

Why in Venice?

Because Venice is a city with art in its pores, every corner has its history. The city itself is as if it were an entire museum.

Venice is the perfect setting for combining the charm of yesteryear with the fascinating expression of the peoples of the new world. Moreover, according to history, the Venetians travelled more than 17,000 kilometres by boat to reach America some seven centuries ago. Today CMIV is making a reverse journey to offer the best of Latin American and Caribbean fashion.

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